Orange and pineapple

In this week’s recipe we want to introduce a really healthy fruit which in combination with the orange forms a very tasty drink. The fruit we are talking about is pineapple. 

The countries that produces pineapples is Costa Rica. The weather in this Latinmerican country is just perfect for the cultivazion of this tropical fruit that has many benefits:

  • It has a high content in potassium and low content in sodium
  • It is a source of vitamin C

For this recipe we need: 

  • 2 oranges
  • 4 slices of pineapple (one cm thick each)

In order to prepare the juice we have cut the oranges in half. After that we need to squeez 3 out of  the 4 orange halves and add the juice to the blender

We need to peel the fourth half and add it entirely  to the blender together with the pineapple. After mixing everything you are ready to enjoy the drink. 

Just in case you do not like bites at all you can squeeze both oranges and the final result will be more liquid. 

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