2 x Red Wine DO Valencia
(bottles of 0.75l)

Two bottles of our red wine from the Bobal grape. Ecological cultivation in the region Utiel-Requena (vintage 2018).
2 x Red wine from teh Bobal grape DO Valencia (0.75l bottle)| Naranjas del Carmen
Light red wine with a herbal touch and a medium acid content. Our wine is vegan as no anmal product was used during its production.

Elaborated from the ecologically cultivated bobal grape. This Mediterranean grape has its origin in Requena. Compared to other Spanish wines, it produces a wine with a lower alcohol content. The colour is cherry red with violet tones.

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Vintage 2018
The grape harvest 2018 began with a warm and dry fall before a very cold and rainy winter. Spring has also been rainy with cool temperatures. We finished with an extreme summer with high temperatures, a very dry start and rainy end. Throughout the summer season we have seen huge contrasts in temperature between day- and night time.

The effects of the climatic conditions are reflected in a great freshness and good acidity of our red wine. It shows hints rather of red fruits than black ones which would fit better for a high-quality grape harvest. Consequently, this year’s wine is lighter than that from 2017s harvest.
Origin of our vine
"“Our Valencian región is usually not known for the cultivation and production of good wines.”

This sentence was stated during breakfast by a good friend of ours, who is at the same time winegrower and enologist. It was the reason why we wanted to produce an ecological red wine for Naranjas del Carmen. After many visits of the vineyards, wine tastings and deepening our friendship, in 2014 we had the courage to produce our first wine. The anual production is very limited due to the limited harvest on the one hand, and due to our attention to detail on the other hand. This wine does not want to make any claims or compete with another wine. It is simply there to be enjoyed by valueing at the same time the Valenican bobal grape.

How to me enjoyed: how and with whom you want. We like to drink it together with our family and friends while sitting togther just before lunchtime on a weekend.
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