Seasonal products from our garden

Mixed veggie box
(4.5kg box)

Mixed veggie box<br>(4.5kg box)
0 €
  • 0 /kg
    VAT and shipping fee included
4.5kg box of mixed vegetables from our Valencian orchard with tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and/or red radish.

Field tomatoes
(2.5kg box)

Field tomatoes<br>(2.5kg box)
0 €
  • 0 /kg
    VAT and shipping fee included
    Reserve your first box for June
2,5kg of beef tomatoes of our orchard. "Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes".

Field tomatoes
(5kg box)

Field tomatoes<br>(5kg box)
0 €
  • 0 /kg
    VAT and shipping fee includedo
    Reserve your first box for June
5kg of beef tomatoes from our garden. "Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes".


Olive tree

67,76 €
  • 5 litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Adopt an olive tree and receive your harvest in the form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Orange Tree

from 40 €
  • Give it a name and order oranges directly to your home
We will assign you an orange tree, water it and take care of it. We will hang a sign engraved with the name you have chosen and send you a photo.

A Bee Family

from 68 €
  • Choose the honey variety you prefer and receive your honey in personalized jars with your name.
Adopt a bee family and receive your honey in personalized jars. You can choose between orange blossom and mountain honey.
Logistic costs
Shipping country
Logistic costs
You can order your harvest in as many deliveries as you wish. You can decide how many kilos you want to receive with each shipment. These costs include the picking, packing and sending of your fruits to an address of your choice and are valid for the current harvest season.
12 €
16.5 €
21 €
Logistic costs
You can come and collect your fruits directly at our finca in Valencia from Monday to Friday. In this case, you only need to pay a small amount for the organization and harvest of your oranges. To do so, please make an appointment via our website so we can pick your oranges on the same day you'll come by.

Delivery country

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Our oranges are now enjoying their well deserved summer hibernation, so unfortunately we can't offer you any oranges...

But don't worry, because right now, for the first time ever, we are offering delicious pumpkins from our summer garden!

We return to citrus fruits with the mandarins in November. If you'd like to stay informed about their progress, leave us your email so we can make contact once they are ready!
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Our harvest is limited. Please leave us your contact details if you would like to be informed about the harvest periods of our orchard:
You can adopt an olive tree or adopt a bee hive throughout the whole year.