A box with 10kg of clementines of the variety Mioro (October) and Clemenules (November).
A box of clementines (10kg) | Naranjas del Carmen
Content of the box
This season, the average is 10 pieces per kilo.
Organoleptic characteristics
Varieties Mioro (October) and Clemenules (November): They are sweet, very juicy and easy to peel. Some of the might have pips, but it is not common.
Harvest Period
We harvest the Mioro variety at the end of October and our Clemenules throughout November.
Harvest and Shipment
In the early morning of the shipment day we go to the fields to pick the clementines. We harvest those with the perfect maturity level so that they arrive safe and sound. Afterwards, we put them into a box with recycled material, without any plastic. In the afternoon of the same say, our transport partner comes and picks them up.

When they arrive, consume the ripe fruits first.
Storage and Shelf Life
Between two and three weeks at a cool and airy place. The clementines are picked and sent on the same day without treating them with any preservatives. In case one of them perishes, seperate it from the good fruits so they do not get infected.
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