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Preparación del terreno para el CROWDFARMING

Arrancando raíces de árboles viejos. Vamos a preparar el terreno para que la siguiente generación de árboles crezca fuerte y provea de muchos frutos a nuestros clientes de CROWDFARMIN
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What is CROWDFARMING? #plant1tree

“There are three things to do in every man’s life: having a child, write a book and plant a tree. The hardest thing is: rear a child, get readers and grow fruits.” We want to offer
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Preparing our summer produce!

During the summer, whilst our oranges rest until the next season begins, we will be growing and sending tasty watermelons, melons, aubergines, cucumbers, onions...and other farm vegetable
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Like our honey? Love our bees... get to know them!

Find out a little more about some of our most valuable employees and undoubtedly some of the hardest workers of the Naranjas del Carmen team. They are responsible for preparing our delici
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Why are our oranges so fresh and natural?

At Naranjas del Carmen, we aim to grow oranges which are as fresh as possible. Therefore we believe in NO use of chemicals in the soil where our trees are nurtured. Instead, Ephraim spend
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When TVE paid us a visit... Do you wanna watch it?

The number one Spanish TV station, TV1 wanted to come and learn more about the Naranjas del Carmen experience and share our story on their evening news. We spent a fun morning walking bet
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Gabriel, Gonzalo, Fer and Pati... Who are we?

We are brothers and sisters and 21st century farmers. Growing up on our Grandfather's estate as children, it has always been our dream to follow in his footsteps and offer the best Spanis
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How does the ordering process work?

Gonzalo presents our flagship product...our very own Naranjas del Carmen oranges. For all you non-Spanish speakers out there...he simply says that as soon as we receive an order, we pick
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A new approach to orange peeling. Can you do it?

How many ways can we peel an orange?......there are thousands! Today we show you a simple technique using a knife and a spoon. Everyone however has their own style....with a knife, bare h
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* 24 hours for deliveries within Spain. 3-7 days for European deliveries.


We love fresh fruit full of flavour!!

Naranjas del Carmen primarily stands for one thing: fresh and seasonal fruits cultivated in a wholly natural manner. We optimize the use of the natural treasures within our rich Valencian soil, which gifts us a pure and untarnished agriculture. We are farmers of the 21st Century: we grow, pick and send the best fruits in the world straight from the tree to your home! As our oranges and mandarines always like to say: "Nowhere are we as free as on our citrus tree" 

You can also place an order by calling us under +34 961 690 820 or by sending us an email to europe@naranjasdelcarmen.com. 

Orange Blossom Honey

Our honeybees play a key role in the evolution of our orange trees, and without these busy little bees the Naranjas del Carmen project would not be possible! Every year, with the blossoming of our trees, we introduce a large number of beehives into our orange farm. The thousands of bees then help us pollinate the trees, year after year, to continue the cycle. Their work is unbelievable and irreplaceable, and brings an additional, priceless element: 100% pure orange blossom honey, the best in the world! Straight from the honeycomb to the pot, and straight to your home.

Add a pot of honey to your order after having selected a box of fruits!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the small birth-town of our grandfather Fernando, Altura in the Castellón province, we produce the finest Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This magnificent olive juice is is extracted by way of a cold spin process from the arbequina and picual olives. With its intense green color and grand Aroma, this olive oil is perfect for the dressing or cooking of foods in the mediterranean style. It is regarded as the "creme de la creme" of spanish olive oils!

You can order a 2.5L can together with a box of fruits!
Marmalades produced with seasonal fruits- and lots of love!

Tasty! Tasty!

In addition to bringing you the best oranges and mandarins, we also produce the finest homemade marmalades together with our friends at Mas que tartas y cookies. These marmalades are produced solely from ingredients we grow on our estate, and we offer a variety of flavors throughout the year; orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. We always pick the fruits in their optimal state of ripeness, to ensure the best taste. So it's no wonder that every pot is bursting with fruity and delicious flavor!

You can order a pot of marmalade together with a box of fruits. Should you wish to place an order consisting solely of marmalades, we would ask that you email us at pedidos@naranjasdelcarmen.com

The Naranjas del Carmen Calendar

Fruits from the here and the now, fruits with real flavor: The magic of a purchase with Naranjas del Carmen is that, at the moment of your click, the fruits are ripening in their natural habitat. The oranges and mandarins hang comfortably from the trees, the melons are sunning themselves in the orchard and the honey is resting within the honeycombs. We only offer products which are currently in season, and which are ready for consumption as soon as they are picked. Select a delivery date and we will pick the fruits the same day and send them straight to you. All of our products are totally natural und untreated, so you don't have to worry about any chemicals or other additives when you order from us. They are also never stored anywhere. It is because we know that you can only enjoy the full nutritious benefits of a fruit when it is natural and in season! 

If you'd like to stay informed about the state of our fruits as they ripen, click here

meet the family!Watch our video


He is the oldest and most creative of the four of us. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the webpage and customer orders. He also brings good judgement to proceedings!


He liaises with the customers and suppliers. He is quite the eternal optimist and always manages to get everyone motivated. In a nutshell, he is the energy of naranjasdelcarmen.com.


He is responsible for all things land-related. He also makes sure all the fruit is of the highest calibre. He is typically relaxed and has an all-round good time walking through the orange glades.


The youngest of the four of us and the only girl! She is the link between all four siblings and the soul of naranjasdelcarmen.com. She is responsible for the blog and is the community manager.


... is a native Cuban and knows so much about oranges like no other. She leads the team that picks the fruit every day and she is responsible for the packing of the boxes. She checks every orange before we send them to all over Europe.


... comes from Galicia and is the husband of Darilys. He picks the oranges each day, along with Errain and Miguel. In general, he is responsible for all the work on the farm and in the field. He is known as the "craftsman" and he is the right hand of naranjasdelcarmen.


... is our agricultural engineer therefore she is largely responsible for the quality of the fruits.
She decides how and when the oranges are watered and she is always looking for new ways to make our fruits as perfect and as naturally as possible! She is the spirit behind naranjasdelcarmen.


... was born in Bétera and grew up between orange trees. He is always ready to give everything. He looks always perfect around the trees and the finca. He is the "power" of naranjasdelcarmen.


... was born in Cuba and is the father of Darilys! He has worked all his life in the agricultural sector and never got tired about it! He loves spending on the tractor and he is always there when there is something to do.


Along with Miguel and Ephraim, he is responsible for gathering the fruit from the trees and collects only the best! This almighty Romanian can pick oranges with the speed of a bobcat, vision of an eagle and strength of a lion.


... was born in Dijon, France. She studies business and does her erasmus semester in sunny Spain. She helps naranjasdelcarmen to strengthen the French market.


She is always happy and full of live... and her good mood is contagious. She is responsible for the German market - her native country. Oranges and the sun in Valencia - that is the perfect mixture for her.


His job is complicated but exciting. Every day he has to connect something as traditional as agriculture to something as modern as an online shop... And every day he excels himself! He loves taking his laptop outside and working surrounded by orange trees.


She is responsible for organizing our daily tasks. She takes care that every box arrives at his destination in perfect conditions. If any help is needed: Lluc will be there!
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Our oranges are now enjoying their well deserved summer hibernation, so unfortunately we can't offer you any oranges...

But don't worry, because right now, for the first time ever, we are offering delicious pumpkins from our summer garden!

We return to citrus fruits with the mandarins in November. If you'd like to stay informed about their progress, leave us your email so we can make contact once they are ready!
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