Box of peaches<br>(3kg)

Box of peaches

Box of 3kg of peaches grown without pesticides and herbicides and certified organic. Each piece weighs between 90g and 190g. In your box you will receive between 18 and 25 units.
Organoleptic characteristics
This box can contain a mix of our two varieties of peaches, depending on the day's harvest. One variety has yellow skin and the other is red but both varieties are yellow-fleshed on the inside. This fruit is especially known for its pleasantly refreshing mouthfeel and sweet flavor.
Time of conservation
1 week in good conditions. Store in a cool place and remove them at room temperature before consumption.

It is a climacteric fruit, it is harvested when it reaches physiological maturity but continues to evolve until the point of consumption after harvest. It is normal that some of the fruits arrive hard so that you can take advantage of them for a longer period of time. You can keep them at room temperature in a paper bag with an apple or a banana until they reach the point of consumption. If a piece arrives already ready to eat, you can put it in the refrigerator or enjoy it on the spot.
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Our harvest is limited. Please leave us your contact details if you would like to be informed about the harvest periods of our orchard:
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