Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(2,5l container)

A tin with 2.5l of our organic extra virgin olive oil. It has been elaborated in a cold-press process based on the olive variety arbequina.
Sweet, taste of green almonds, apple and green banana
Harvest 2023
Olive harvest during the month of November 2023 on the farm Francisco Gomez. The harvest has been done during daytime hours respecting the rest of the migratory birds. The quantity of olives produced by the olive trees has been good but the yield in oil has generally been low. The olives have arrived at the oil mill with a "marbled" color which means that they are mostly green and are beginning to take on a dark color.

Our olive oil is certified with the eco-label of the EU by the CAECV (Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana). Reference code: CV3534 E

Eco-label of the EU

It has been extracted by a cold spin process from the olive variety arbequina. Intensive green colour. Perfect for Mediterranean cuisine and considered one of the best Spanish olive oils.

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Miguel Abad Ventura, engineer of the olive cultivation and production of olive oil, specialist in the elaboration of extra virgin olive oils and member of the Asociación Nacional de Catadores.

Born in Altura, a small village in Castellón, where our family has roots as well. Miguel's father and our grandfather shared a close friendship, which we have continued and even deepened thanks to the co-elaboration of the organic olive juice.
Shelf Life
Please store the olive oil in a cool place. After being opened it should be consumed within one year. That's how you decant your extra virgin olive oil.
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