Pomegranate juice Wonderfull and Mollar <br>(750ml glass bottle)

Pomegranate juice Wonderfull and Mollar
(750ml glass bottle)

Glass bottle with 750 ml of pomegranate juice made with our pomegranates from the Wonderful and Mollar varieties grown in Verger de Alicia without herbicides or pesticides.
Pomegranate juice (750 ml glass bottle)
Best before
05-2024 | Does not contain preservatives. Once opened keep refrigerated.
Pomegranate (Wonderful and Mollar varieties). To obtain 750 ml of juice we have pressed more than 3kg of pomegranates.
Nutritional information
Amount Per Serving Size of 100g
Energy: 221Kj/52kcal
Fat: 0.1
Of Which Saturates: < 0
Carbohydrates: 12.8
Of Which Sugars: 12.3
Protein: 0
Salt: 0
Ruby red coloured juice with sediments.
What is the special characteristic?
To make this bottle of pomegranate juice we have selected about 3 kg of pomegranates of the Mollar variety (which provide sweetness and silkiness) and pomegranates of the Wonderful variety (which provide acidity and a very vibrant ruby red colour). The pomegranates have been grown on our plantation of Verger de Alicia. This farm is cultivated under organic and regenerative production regulations. We have built 7 ponds, installed solar panels for pumping water and designed an oasis with aromatic plants so that our bees can have nectar and pollen all year round. The pomegranates that cannot be sent because they are cracked, which is very common in pomegranate cultivation, we do not discard them, instead we press them to extract the juice.

In the end, the pomegranates that we grow in Verger de Alicia can end up in 3 ways: sent fresh, as pomegranate juice, as dehydrated seeds and those that fall to the ground, end up being eaten by wild boars.

The juice can be consumed directly or as we like it best: mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice.

The sale of this product is destined to finance the forestation and regeneration project of our farm: planting of aromatic herbs, stopping water flows, construction of ponds and huts for animals. Thank you!

Bouteille en verre de 750 ml avec un bouchon en métal et une étiquette imprimée sur du papier kraft.
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