Sweet Pomegranates<br>(2.5kg)

Sweet Pomegranates

Box of 2.5kg of pomegranates of the Mollar variety cultivated without any herbicides and pesticides. Do you need more? You can order a 5kg box of pomegranates of the Mollar variety here
Pomegranates Mollar (2.5kg box) | Naranjas del Carmen
Content of the box
Every fruit has an average weight of 400-800g. You'll receive a total of 5 - 7 pieces in your box.
Organoleptic characteristics
Intense sweet flavour; rounded and flattened shape; medium-large size; pink to pale red colour; coarse pod with very fine skin and a small, juicy, pale red seed
Harvest Period
Pomegranates don't continue ripening after harvest, so they must be picked fully ripe to ensure the best quality for consumption. The first pomegranates of the Mollar variety are picked the second week of September until October.
Harvest and Shipment
In the early morning of the shipment day we go to the fields to pick the pomegranates. We harvest those with the perfect maturity level so that they arrive safe and sound. Afterwards, we put them into a box with recycled material, without any plastic. In the afternoon of the same say, our transport partner comes and picks them up.

When they arrive, consume the ripe fruits first.
El Verger de Alicia

In May 2021, we took up a new challenge: to convert El Verger de Alicia to organic farming. It’s an orange, clementine and pomegranate tree orchard belonging to Benjamin, a 72-year-old neighbouring farmer. After a few months looking for funding, the bank granted us a loan and we signed the sale contract at a notary office in Valencia. We’ve already begun the change to organic farming and we’ve convinced Benjamin to keep coming to help us.
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