A walk through the orchard


Angel opens an old beehive where he stores his pick, spade and sickle – his daily companions in the orchard. He looks up to the sky and you can guess that he enjoys working with the sun warming up is back. However, these springlike temperatures make the work in the orchard itself more difficult: Whereas at the beginning of the year our broccoli bloomed with temperatures around 27ºC, our artichokes suffered from frost with temperatures below the freezing point. Unfortunately, half of them could not be saved. “In the cross section of the stem you can see that their hearts have become black and the outer leaves brown. Although you do not notice a difference in their taste, you realize that the artichokes have suffered from the cold temperatures.”, says Angel while carefully touching the leaves protecting the small heart of the artichoke.

As a result of our natural way of cultivating, there are a lot of birds chirping and butterflies dancing in the air on our “island” – that’s how Angel calls our finca. Over the past years we have cultivated, apart from oranges of course, also seasonal fruits and vegetables in our orchard. In harmony with nature and the four seasons we grow regional winter and summer vegetable varieties and ship them directly to your home all over Europe. Below, you’ll find a short presentation of each of them:

Our cauliflower – just as a cotton pad it rests wrapped into its long green leaves (which, by the way, not only our donkey Camilo enjoys to eat. Also we like eating the leaves of the cauliflower after having steamed them.) After a well-trained cut with the sickle tomorrow’s lunch is almost prepared. The individual florets of the cauliflower cuddle up together and it seems as if they shared their secrets with each other. Maybe they already look  forward to travelling around Europe.

Our fennel – the super tuber! It is characterized by its harmonious curves and patiently waits with a firm seat until its journey to you begins. Its magnificent head of green hair sways in the wind and spreads its typical sweet aroma which matches perfectly with soups. I prefer the fennel steamed with some butter – enjoy!

Our artichokes – she is the queen among our winter varieties. I cannot think of any other plant that produces so many fruits during such a long period of time. Its blue-green buds are elegantly enthroned on their flaky stem. Besides, our bees love to take a rest on them an refresh themselves with the cool morning dew the night leaves in the morning. Did you know that it is not possible to harvest them until three generations (mother, daughter and granddaughter) have grown on the stem?

alcachofas huerto magdalena

As soon as it is getting warmer in March and the first butterflies make friends with the bees, the time has come to dig up the beds and prepare them for our summer garden. This is when the Valencian beef tomato and water and honeydew melons move in. The temperatures on our “island” can reach 40°C in summer and therefore, we have to start working the fields early in the morning. Otherwise, we would melt in the hot midday sun.

Our melons – the big round balls lie on the red Valencian soil and make us think of the milky way with its beautiful planets. Did you know that the dark-green watermelons with their red and juicy pulp can replace one entire meal in summer? If you want to bring some Spanish atmosphere to your home, the honeydew melon is the ideal tapa for warm summer nights as it matches perfectly with Iberian ham.

Our tomato – every single one a masterpiece: big, round and very juicy. Our tomatoes are sun-ripened and a variety that has its origin in our region of Valencia. The family of Angel kept the seeds many years ago and we were able to recover them and re-cultivate this old tomato variety in our summer garden. Their juicy pulp and soft skin is a culinary delight which make salt and pepper nearly superfluous. 100% natural taste for you – 100% challenging regarding the transport for us. The star of our summer garden is more sensitive than our oranges and the high summer temperatures will once again be this year a tough factor to face. However, the effort will pay off!


This is what Crowdfarming means to us as well: seeding consciousness and harvesting trust. We try new things, plant different varieties and thank nature for every plant and every fruit that grow on our fields. It fills us with a lot of joy and gratitude to see how life blossoms and everything comes harmoniously together. We are happy that our fruits and vegetables can go on a journey all over Europe so that you can taste and enjoy the effort we put into their cultivation. If you are intrigued and would like to try our seasonal and regional products, have a look at what is available right now.

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