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Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive and systematic approach to pest control aimed at minimizing the effects of insects and maximizing economic, ecological, and social benefits. It consists of three main components: ... Continue reading

Agriculture 3.0

The agricultural sector suffers up until today from lagging integration of new technologies. It remains a sector with a predominantly manual (yet it's becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive) and poorly traceable approach.  To ... Continue reading

The use of biodiversity islands in agriculture

Sustainable agriculture has become a major concern in the current context of increasing environmental pressures, demographic growth and climate change. Traditional agricultural methods have often resulted in decreased biodiversity, ... Continue reading

Regenerative Manifesto

This manifesto has been written by the Masia el Carmen team to serve as a guide when defining the agricultural plans for our farms: El Carmen, Campillo de Julia and Verger de Alicia. As farmers, it is of vital importance we become ... Continue reading

Simple recipes with our summer vegetables 🍅

For us, summer time means vegetable time! The warm days, the long nights and a lot of delicious summer vegetables. If this beautiful season had a flavor, it would be, among others, the fruity taste of our field tomatoes.  The ... Continue reading

Documentary “The Discarded” : the history of our jams, sauces and other derived products

Not all the fruits of the tree can be consumed fresh. On the same tree, we can find very different fruits. They differ in size, shape, color and skin thickness. Although we try to treat them all the same, each fruit lives its own ... Continue reading

Our Pomegranate Varieties

The tenacity of the pomegranate tree The pomegranate tree is very well adapted to the Mediterranean climate of the Valencian region because it is very resistant to drought, which is unfortunately quite common here. As well as this, ... Continue reading

The consequences of forest fires

Summer is coming to an end, and as the days pass, our memories fade. Every piece of news gradually overshadows the previous one. Since records are kept at European level since 2006, it has been the summer with the most hectares ... Continue reading

Correct use of the oil bottle set

I am Miguel Abad; olive oil technician and person responsible for AOVE at Campillo de Julia. I would like to explain how to use your olive oil set in the best way. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pure olive juice that is affected ... Continue reading

Zero food waste strategy

Everything we sell we have grown ourselves. And when you grow something you become fond of it. That's why we try to make sure that all the fruit ends up being used. When we think that one of our fruits is not going to reach its ... Continue reading