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Crowdfarming® is an agricultural revolution in order to fight food waste. You have access to your virtual garden, can plant a tree or adopt a bee family. We take care of them all the time and send your oranges or honey directly to your doorstep.

Harvest of orange blossom honey 2023

The presence of the bees is part of our farming philosophy. Those who have visited us know how their buzzing accompanies our fields. And it is the adoption of beehives that allows us to increase their population and take care of ... Continue reading

Employee of the month: Our bees!

We have several thousand associates in our fields: the honeybees.  Bees are essential to our ecosystem and to the young shoots of our fields. During the last hot summer, we moved the bee colonies to the mountains of Burgos. The ... Continue reading

Logbook – December 2022

The last month of the year. It is time to review the evolution of our crops. Crops that had difficulties this year: olive trees, persimmons and honey.  The repilo is a fungus that spreads with humidity and defoliates the ... Continue reading

Analysis of the EVOO of Campillo de Julia, Harvest 2022

Miguel Abad, olive oil technician and person responsible for EVOO at Campillo de Julia, has written this report on the sensory and polyphenol analysis of this year's EVOO. Technical information Yield: sms (49,88±5,05)%. ... Continue reading

Olive trees from Campillo de Julia – Logbook 2022

Between the end of October and the beginning of November we will harvest the olives from the olive trees to produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your harvest, which you will be able to receive at home from December onwards. It ... Continue reading

Orange trees – Logbook 2022

Your orange tree, like all citrus trees, will go through four stages of development throughout its life. Infant phase The infant phase is from the time that we plant the graft up until it starts to produce. In our fields, since ... Continue reading

How much water do we need to produce 1kg of oranges?

The average water consumption of our adult orange groves is about 3,000 cubic meters per hectare. In our orchard, we produce on average 35,000 kilos of organically cultivated oranges per hectare which would give us about 86 liters per ... Continue reading

Citrus season 2021 / 2022

We’re starting a new season more eager than ever. Thanks to the orange tree adoptions we are achieving: that 40 people can live from agriculture with fixed contracts throughout the year and be able to send the harvest directly to the ... Continue reading

Beyond ecological cultivation

The philosophy of Naranjas del Carmen is the result of different influences and experiences made in our working and family life, as well as in our social environment. We are thrilled by various social and agricultural approaches which ... Continue reading

Nature always has the last word

The cold freezes the inside of the orange and ends up drying it out. This damage is the most difficult to assess, as it cannot be seen from the outside. You only see it – or feel it, rather – when you eat the orange and find that it ... Continue reading