Harvest of orange blossom honey 2023

The presence of the bees is part of our farming philosophy.

Those who have visited us know how their buzzing accompanies our fields. And it is the adoption of beehives that allows us to increase their population and take care of safe environments for them.  

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After their time in the almond blossoms, the beehives arrived to our orange fields where the scent of orange blossoms flooded the days. Although the bloom was abundant, it was short. We have told you about the care we took with the olive and orange trees due to the drought, but now we are feeling its impact on the beehives. It meant a short time for pollen collection and, therefore, less honey excess than we had imagined. 

Bees produce honey as food for their larvae, and you know that we only cultivate the excess. The sale of honey is not our priority, but rather the generation of regenerative practices with our crops and the main thing is to take care of them so that they are part of our ecosystem and live as pollinators in a pesticide-free environment.

It is for this reason that the shipping dates have been changed for 2024 season: We have already used up this year’s crop and recent adoptions, if they choose to do so, will have to wait for our next crop. We have also had to thank the patience and understanding of some families as we have changed the shipping dates.

Because of this learning we have also moved the dates for the mountain honey. Even though the harvest will be in October, we would rather be surprised with a bigger harvest than offer a quantity that we are not yet sure we will have. We understand that it is difficult to predict this far in advance and in the meantime we are considering new strategies and exploring new locations to give the honeybees more harvesting time in suitable climates and environments.
Like the rains of June, your supportive emails and messages bring us relief and gratitude. We appreciate the encouragement you provide and it is a lift when unexpected events from the field seem overwhelming. The smell of wet fields and loving words fills us with hope to look at this new season with bright eyes.

We keep working the fields, caring for the vegetable garden, the tomatoes, the summer vegetables, the aromatic plants, the native species and our fruit trees. We continue to marvel at the daily work of the bees and we accompany the hope for next season with our principles as a guide towards new relationships between farmers and consumers, towards new food practices and environmental care practices.
Thank you for trusting in our work.


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