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What our customers say…

"What a great surprise this morning! Thank you for taking care of my tree and for its amazing fruit. Me and my family are in love with your Crowdfarming®. Best clementines of my life. Best oranges of my life." (T.W., ... Continue reading

Naranjas del Carmen in the The Oxford Times (09.04.2015)

You want a dream job? Ripeness is all... Do you want to get some insights into the worklife of an orange ambassador? The UK orange ambassador Rebecca Jardine shares her working experiences in a Spanish family-owned start-up ... Continue reading

Naranjas del Carmen in the The Times (19.03.2015)

Spain back from the brink after economy responds to bitter pill After six years, the 4th largest economy of Europe is finally recovering and benefitting from the reforms. Yet, the unemployment rate, above all among the the young ... Continue reading

Open letter to the mankind

Ms. Bini the Bee Beehive of Bini’s Family (Department “Workerbees”) Naranjas del Carmen, 46117, Bétera Valencia, SPAIN Sunday, July 3rd. 2016, Dear humans, today, I turn to you as spokesbee representing the global bee ... Continue reading

How honey is made

Miguel Angel working with a honey hive surrounded by orange trees at Naranjas del Carmen We work hand in hand with the bees in order to produce your honey. In doing so we have a perfect division of tasks: The bees are responsible ... Continue reading

The bees, the workers of the sky

As you already know, we can only enjoy delicious honey thanks to the bees. But be careful! Not all of them are able to produce honey! In Europe, we can eat this delicious product thanks to the Apis mellifera (from latin Apis, bee et ... Continue reading

Loss & Waste: The unfortunate food predicament

As the words imply, food waste and loss describe food that is uneaten, lost, or discarded. A 100 million tons of food are thrown away every year in Europe and if nothing is done, this figure, according to the European Union and the ... Continue reading

Farming 2.0 – Putting local farmers on the map

It is no secret that nowadays, modern day society has opened up many doors for small businesses like ours. The world of web, social media, and online communication has transformed the way customers and corporations do business and has ... Continue reading

10 ways – never waste again!

We love eating our oranges! However, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to consume all of them before they begin to spoil. If you like to consume your oranges on the way to work or on a journey or if you are always looking ... Continue reading