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Tim clementines

“What a great surprise this morning! Thank you for taking care of my tree and for its amazing fruit. Me and my family are in love with your Crowdfarming®. Best clementines of my life. Best oranges of my life.” (T.W., London)

Comment FB1

“Thank you very much for the conversation and above all for the personal service! For the first time, I am really looking forward to November and your delicious mandarins 😉 ” (A.R., Austria)

“I saw a TV comment about your company and I really like what you do. I would like to give a tree as a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday.” (S.W., Germany)

“I just wanted to inform you that our oranges arrived yesterday and that we have already prepared our first delicious juice. Together with my son, I am already looking very forward to the next season and our first oranges from our tree.” (T.S., Germany)

“What a great project!!! Love it! Had to go for the 26€ pledge though as I wanna try the honey first. When I like it I will definitely adopt a hive in the future and probably also plant a tree 🙂 All the best with this project!” (D.H., Germany)

“Hello.  I saw your operation featured in European Journal, produced by Deutsche Welle, shown on American PBS, and watched by me in Vancouver Canada. i.e. We have family in Switzerland and I was interested in giving them a yearly gift of oranges.” (M.H., Canada)

“Hello my dears, thank you very much for the last delivery, the oranges are soooooo tasty!” (S.D., Germany)

“Hello and good Morning from the snow-covered Harz. I’ve not yet had the time to tell you how grateful I am for your delivery. My compliments! The oranges were super tasty, I had to share most of them with friends and family. I hope that some of them will order something soon. The olive oil, too, is amazing, the honey is delicious.” (S.W., Germany)

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