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The Negrilla Fungus

You may have noticed it before - that dark, powdery layer on the surface of some citrus fruits. That's Negrilla or Fumagina - a fungus that affects the leaves, stems, and even the fruits. Negrilla appears not only on oranges but also ... Continue reading

Tangerines vs. Clementines

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Clementine and a Tangerine? Let's start with a commonality. Both Clementines and Tangerine trees belong to the botanical family Rutaceae. Therefore, the fruits grow on ... Continue reading

Ripening process of fruits

Not all fruits are created equal when it comes to their ripening process. Two distinct categories of fruit stand out: climacteric and non-climacteric.  What is a climacteric fruit? Climacteric fruits are those that continue to ... Continue reading

The Age in the Agricultural Sector: Testimony of Our Young Volunteers

Today, we would like to address a crucial topic that affects the agricultural sector: the aging of the profession. Agriculture, a fundamental pillar of our societies for millennia, is facing significant challenges related to the age ... Continue reading

“Acequias”, traditional watering system

In the arid regions of Spain, where water is scarce and agriculture thrives, a remarkable irrigation system known as "acequias" has played a vital role for centuries. These ancient channels have proven to be an ingenious solution for ... Continue reading

Regenerative Manifesto

This manifesto has been written by the Masia el Carmen team to serve as a guide when defining the agricultural plans for our farms: El Carmen, Campillo de Julia and Verger de Alicia. As farmers, it is of vital importance we become ... Continue reading

The Role of Vegetal Cover in Agriculture

Conventional farming practices often result in soil degradation and environmental challenges. However, innovative approaches, such as implementing vegetal cover, offer promising solutions to enhance soil quality and promote ... Continue reading

Springtime at Campillo de Julia 2023

We recently shared by email, with the families who have adopted an olive tree with us,  about how we've experienced a very strong drought that has even changed our character. And we have decided to also share through this medium some ... Continue reading

A day in the field with Fede

My name is Amanda, I work at Naranjas del Carmen and today I had the opportunity to accompany Fede, team leader in the field at our farm El Carmen. Note: the working hours vary depending on the season. As the summer is hot, to ... Continue reading

The worst citrus season in our history

The title of this post sounds pessimistic but it is not. It is realistic. We are experiencing what is, without a doubt, the worst clementine and orange season in our history in terms of yield. It seems, however, that we are not the ... Continue reading