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Citrusseason 23/24

Another citrus season has come to an end. Before going into detail on the milestones achieved and lessons learned this season, we would like to thank you. Without you, Naranjas del Carmen could not continue to grow. Without people who ... Continue reading

Navel or Salustiana

We love the time when our fields are a lush green and we see the fresh fruit on the branches in a bright orange. In our fields, we harvest oranges from both the navel and the "white orange" family. The Salustiana fruits belong to the ... Continue reading

The Journey of two interns at Naranjas del Carmen

We are Jente and Mette, two enthusiastic food technology students from the Netherlands, and last year we had an exciting adventure at Naranjas del Carmen. Our hearts beat for education, food, and technology, and our journey led us to ... Continue reading

A picture of your tree

An important part of Naranjas del Carmen are our tree adoptions. You have the opportunity to adopt a tree at our fields and eagerly anticipate each upcoming harvest with us. After the adoption, we select a tree and put a nametag on ... Continue reading

The Negrilla Fungus

You may have noticed it before - that dark, powdery layer on the surface of some citrus fruits. That's Negrilla or Fumagina - a fungus that affects the leaves, stems, and even the fruits. Negrilla appears not only on oranges but also ... Continue reading

Tangerines vs. Clementines

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Clementine and a Tangerine? Let's start with a commonality. Both Clementines and Tangerine trees belong to the botanical family Rutaceae. Therefore, the fruits grow on ... Continue reading

The Colour of Clementines

Whether orange, yellow or with green peel, we love our Clementines and want to share with you why color isn't really that important. When we think of clementines, we often imagine bright orange fruits in our minds, and in the ... Continue reading

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive and systematic approach to pest control aimed at minimizing the effects of insects and maximizing economic, ecological, and social benefits. It consists of three main components: ... Continue reading

Springtime at Campillo de Julia 2023

We recently shared by email, with the families who have adopted an olive tree with us,  about how we've experienced a very strong drought that has even changed our character. And we have decided to also share through this medium some ... Continue reading

Simple recipes with our summer vegetables 🍅

For us, summer time means vegetable time! The warm days, the long nights and a lot of delicious summer vegetables. If this beautiful season had a flavor, it would be, among others, the fruity taste of our field tomatoes.  The ... Continue reading