Carrot, orange and ginger juice

Hello juice lovers.

This week, we present a recipe that we call Mr Bugs Bunny´s juice. Can you guess why? That is right, one of the ingredients is carrot.

For this juice we are going to need:

  • Two carrots
  • Two oranges
  • One piece of ginger (2 cm by 2cm)

It is going to be a really energetic and tasty drink, so you can enjoy it as a part of your weekend breakfast to be able to get done all the activities you have planned.

The steps are really simple.

First of all you have to peel and cut the carrots and the ginger , the smaller you make them, the easier it is going to be for the blender.

After the first step has been accomplished, squeeze both oranges, take the juice and put it together with the carrots and the ginger into the blender. Mix it until you have an orange liquid.

We really hope you enjoy this one. Let us now in the comments or on Facebook how it was



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