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Crowdfarming® : The baptism of the orange trees

Thanks to Crowdfarming® our customers and friends can plant their own tree on our plantation. Moreover, we give them the opportunity to chose a name for it. As soon as the orange tree is planted on our finca, we produce wooden name ... Continue reading

What our customers say…

"What a great surprise this morning! Thank you for taking care of my tree and for its amazing fruit. Me and my family are in love with your Crowdfarming®. Best clementines of my life. Best oranges of my life." (T.W., ... Continue reading

Loss & Waste: The unfortunate food predicament

As the words imply, food waste and loss describe food that is uneaten, lost, or discarded. A 100 million tons of food are thrown away every year in Europe and if nothing is done, this figure, according to the European Union and the ... Continue reading