It rains in Valencia

We always say that we cultivate our fruits with a lot of patience. However, that is not the whole story: we also have to be very patient when it comes to their harvest.  We need to delay the harvest of the clementines until it ceases to rain and the trees and fruits are dry again.  Over the last years, we have missed the rain and above all the newly planted trees of Crowdfarming® need the water desperately. Therefore, we are also very happy about every rainy day we have in Valencia.

As long as it rains, unfortunately, we cannot pick the clementines. Of course, we do not mind to get wet. Yet, in case we harvest the fruits when they are not yet completely dry, they spoil fast. As we cultivate seasonally and without any chemical substances, the water enters  in their skin easily and hence, the fruits becomes inedible relatively fast. We would like to send you only fruits of the highest quality. That is why we ask for your patience and thank you for your understanding.

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