The Clementines of Naranjas del Carmen – What our Customers and Friends say

Just recently, the clementine season has started and the postive feedback we have received already, is overwhelming. Crowdfarming® establishes a direct relationship between us, the farmers, and the orange tree owners. For us, it is an additional motivation to care for trees belonging to people that are already impatiently waiting for the new season to begin.  It is great to see that after a year of hard work, we can finally harvest the fruits and that they give so much joy.

Customer feedback_clementines

“Cannot wait! Best regards!“ (Harald, Germany)

“On Friday, we received the first delivery of mandarins on time and since then, our flat is full of their fresh and sweet aroma as all the time one of us has to eat one because they are so delicious.” (Renate, Germany)

“Arrived on Wednesday…pure delight!“ (Catherine, France)

“Hello my dear friends of Naranjas del Carmen, I have just received my first delivery and me, my family and friends are thrilled by the great taste of the mandarins.” (Angi, Germany)

 “They taste too too too too good!” (Sophie, France)

 “The box of mandarins arrived on Friday in Berlin. All of the fruits are in a perfect condition and taste very good. Very good quality. Thank you so much.” (Franz, Germany)

“Dear madam or sir, the delivery has arrived today. The first ones we tried are excellent.“ (Karl-Jürgen, Germany)

“The mandarins are delicious! Congratulations!“ (Sandra, Germany)

“I have received my mandarins today. Fantastic!!! Thank you very much!!!“ (Thomas, Germany)

“Dear team of Naranjas del Carmen, yesterday, we received our first mandarin delivery. All worked out well and although we usually always buy regional organic fruits, I really have to say: YOUR MANDARINS ARE FANTASTIC!! Also the orange blossom honey tastes very good.“ (Christian, Germany)

“WOOOHOOOO, the first box (incl. olive oil) has arrived today! The mandarins are sooooooooooo delicious 🙂 !!!”  (Juliane, Germany)

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