Our Oranges

What are the advantages of freshly picked oranges directly from the tree?

+ You know exactly, where they are from: The oranges come from our family’s orchard in Valencia.

+ You know exactly, how they were grown: Our cultivation process is 100% natural and we only use the optimal amount of natural resources we are provided by our environment. Hence, we do not apply any herbicides or pesticides. You can therefore use the skin of the oranges for cooking or baking without hesitation.

+ You know exactly, when they were picked: We only harvest what has been ordered. As a result, your oranges are on their tree until they are freshly picked only some days before they arrive at your doorstep.

+ You know exactly, which way they go: Your oranges travel directly from our orchard to your doorstep. Our transportation partner collects them by truck in Bétera (Valencia). As we share the loading space with other companies we reach an optimal usage of the load area. The trucks that take the oranges from Valencia to a destination in Europe have come to Spain carrying other goods before. Now, they do not have to return empty, but utilized to capacity.

By using this direct supply chain you do not only receive fresh fruits, but by decreasing the time and kilometers they have to travel, we also decrease the amount of oranges that would normally be thrown away along the conventional supply chain.

Naranja del CarmenOur finca El Carmen is located in a relatively cool area in the region of Valencia. Consequently, the oranges can rest on their tree until the end of April.

How does the taste of our oranges change along the season?

  • Already at the beginning of January the sugar content has reached an optimum level and the harvest of the oranges can begin. However, the fruits we pick during this first month of the season are still a bit acid, which is typical for a freshly harvested orange at the beginning of the season. After a few days the acid content decreases while the sugar content stays the same. Therefore, their taste increasingly becomes sweeter. In this time period the oranges can be stored at a cool and airy place up to three weeks. A freshly-squeezed orange juice clears your throat and provides you with sufficient vitamins to survive the cold winter days.
  • In February and March, the sugar content exceeds the acid content. Nevertheless, they still have a slight acid touch.
  • In April, the oranges are very sweet and additionally to this, they carry the aroma of the orange blossom. Moreover, their skin is marked by the branches, wind and the sun that have affected the fruit along the season.  As a consequence, it might be the case that a few oranges that we harvest and send in this month spoil faster. Therefore, it is very important to check your delivery and separate the respective fruit from the others and consume it at first. Now, we recommend ordering smaller amounts (boxes of 5kg). Although they are freshly picked, they can be stored up to two weeks.
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