The installation of the anti-frost-protection

We have benefitted from the rainy days in Valencia to prepare our fields for the upcoming winter. Including in Valencia, the winter nights can become quite frosty sometimes. In order to prevent our oranges from freezing and bursting, we have installed a relatively simple, but very effective system. We put up poles between our trees which carry a sprinkler on their top to slightly water the fruits. The water prevents the fruits from freezing. Hence, we can successfully start into the upcoming season.

Some impressions of the installation:

Anti-Frost-Schutz 1

Our friend Lea who always helps us with great effort and a smile in her face

Anti-Frost-Schutz 2

Ana, who makes sure that everything works out perfectly every day on our plantation, and Miguel Angel,
one of our most experienced team members, talk about the installation.

Anti-Frost-Schutz 4

Alejandro at work. Although he has just recently joint us, we do not want to miss him anymore.


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