The Calendar of Naranjas del Carmen


January until April

Harvest season of our oranges and seasonal vegetables such as artichokes. Our few lemon and grapefruit trees carry fruits as well.

April until May

We place our beehives in the middle of the orange trees. They pollinate the trees and produce our delicious orange blossom honey.  As soon as the orange blossom is finished, we bring them to the mountains where they collect nectar of heather and oak to produce dark mountain honey.

June until July

  1. Cultivation and harvest of our summer garden: Valencian tomatoes, as well as honey- and water melons.
  2. We cut our big trees and prepare the fields for the plantation of new trees.
    First round of the plantation of new trees.
  3. We check the water system of our trees.
  4. We take a picture of the trees and upload them into the garden of their owner.


We take a break and make sure that the trees have enough water to survive the hot days of summer.

September and October

We get back our bees from the mountains.
Second round of the plantation of trees.


The clementine season starts and lasts usually until December.


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