The Masia el Carmen – Cradle of Crowdfarming®

Between orange trees and fields you can find the former home of the art lover and director of the Valencian Museum of Fine Arts, González Martí, the Masia el Carmen. He was the one building, decorating and shaping this beautiful country house in the 20th century.

Masia el Carmen

The Masia el Carmen near Valencia – Cradle of Crowdfarming®

Probably, due to the religious symbols throughout the cottage, Our Lady of Mount Carmel (title given to the blessed Virgin Mary), lent her name to it. She did so, too, for the monastry that was built after the Christian conquest in the XIII century where you can find nowadays the heart of the city of Valencia: the Carmen district.

Very outstanding is above all the medieval tower with original pieces. Those brave enough to climb until the very top are rewarded with a breath capturing view across the orange fields and their surrounding area.

Furthermore, the ceramic on the walls of the XVII, XIX and XX century has to be highlighted which gives the small chapel and the house itself a typical Spanish touch as well as a very welcoming, romantic and rural Valencian atmosphere.

Nowadays, the Masia el Carmen is the cradle of Crowdfarming®, an agricultural revolution created by the brothers Gabriel and Gonzalo Úrculo and grown by an intercultural team of ten different nationalities loving ecological agriculture. Thanks to Crowdfarming®, people from all over Europe have the opportunity to have their own orange tree growing for them in Valencia and to receive their oranges directly from the tree to their doorstep. Between the trees you can find a lot of busy workers: the honey bees give their best to pollinate the orange trees and to produce pure and natural orange blossom honey.

As member of Crowdfarming®, you are welcome to visit us at any time to discover this small paradise close to Valencia. Please contact us some days in advance so we can reserve some time for you to show you around.


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