Which eco-label do our products have?

The only eco-label that brings all our quality standards together is our own brand. In other words, the label that really differentiates us is the one of Naranjas del Carmen®. What exactly does it stand for?

Workers of Naranjas del Carmen

  1. We cultivate without any herbicides or pesticides, using the available resources in our environment in an optimal way.
  2. Our harvest is seasonal. We do not store fresh products, but harvest and ship them only on demand.
  3. Quality will always be more important than quantity. Read more about our philosophy.
  4. Our products have fair prices: It would definitely be less expensive to use herbicides to get rid of the weeds instead of manual work and agricultural  machines. We could outsource the work of picking the fruits to save costs and send automatic responses to your e-mails. Although there is no scientific proof, we are convinced that the work real persons put into your fruits make them taste a lot better.
  5. There are so many things that can go wrong, but there is also a solution to any problem: Your order can be delayed, our website can fail, there might be a misunderstanding between the both of us. However, everything can be solved and tomorrow is another day.

As our olive oil and red wine a processed products, they are additionally labeled with the eco-label of the European Union.

If you are interested in the latest analysis of our oranges, please write us an e-mail to friends@naranjasdelcarmen.com.

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