Jardín Del Gordo


Thanks to the new cultivation model CrowdFarming all of the orange trees planted on our finca “El Carmen” have an owner. Behind every tree, there is a person or a family that maintains it, follows its evolution and receives its harvest at home. As young farmers our dream has come true: We have created a direct relation with the people consuming our oranges. This agri-social revolution has turned the agricultural sector in an attractive one to work in with permanent jobs and competitive salaries.

CrowdFarming creates a new relationship between producer and consumer. Furthermore, it simplifies the food supply chain to such an extent that only the two indispensable actors interact with each other – the farmer and the consumer. On the one hand, the farmer can be sure that he sells his harvest at a fair price. The consumer, on the other hand, knows how, where and by whom the oranges have been cultivated. He or she does not only buy oranges, but becomes part of their cultivation process.

What are our growth plans?

When achieving the objective of planting all of the orange trees and bringing the orange plantation of our grandfather back to life we asked ourselves what would be the next step: To expand our finca by buying more fields or to help other befriended farmers to introduce CrowdFarming in their respective plantations. As orange farmers we have to accept our limits and at the moment we are neither prepared to buy more land, nor to take care of additional trees with the same thoroughness. Therefore, we have decided to go for the second option and after much work and effort we are very proud to be able to launch the CrowdFarming of Jardín del Gordo. We believe that this is the natural evolution of CrowdFarming: Farmers having similar values get the opportunity to create this direct connection with the people consuming their harvest and to offer their trees for adoption.

Jardín Del Gordo


Sergio Muñoz is a young farmer born in 1989 cultivating oranges and mandarins on the family-owned finca “Jardín del Gordo” in Valencia. At the age of 20, Sergio assumed the responsibility for Jardín del Gordo and step by step convinced his father to stop using herbicides and pesticides in their cultivation. Thanks to his effort, he has become the next CrowdFarming-producer of oranges and mandarins.

Adopt your orange tree here.
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