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Crowdfarming is a new agricultural model born on the fields of Naranjas del Carmen. It connects producers and consumers and wants to revolutionize the traditional food supply chain. Thanks to the adoption of our orange trees and bee families we have achieved a more transparent, direct and emotional connection with those consuming our harvest. Thereby, our finca has become the orchard of those persons whose orange trees are growing on our fields.They know where their food comes from, by whom and how it has been cultivated, when it has been harvested and what has happened during the harvest season.

Other farmers have become interested in this new approach. Hence, we had to consider two options: On the one hand, buying additional fields and grow with Naranjas del Carmen or, on the other hand, integrating other producers and helping them to develop Crowdfarming with their respective products. One of the key elements of Naranjas del Carmen is the devotion we put into our daily work and the very personal relationship we share with those having their orange tree planted or bee family adopted.

Furthermore, it is important to share this new model and cultivation philosophy with other farmers. This will eventually lead to creating more consumer awareness and the prevention of food waste, changing Crowdfarming from being a local success into a real socio-agricultural revolution worldwide. With this goal in mind, we have helped to create where other producers can offer their plants and animals for adoption.

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