Campillo de Júlia

At the beginning of the last decade (the year 2010) my brother and I made a decision that marked the course of our lives both on a professional and personal level: to recover our grandparents’ “Masia el Carmen” garden in Bétera, Valencia.

With the arrival of a new decade, we have taken on a new agricultural challenge. On January 24, 2020, after a couple of years looking for land to continue planting trees, we took the reins of an olive grove with more than 400 years of history. It is the Masia del Campillo located in the town of Jérica (Castellón) 45 minutes from our orange garden. We have renamed the estate “Campillo de Julia” in honor of our grandmother Julia, born in Logroño and a magnificent cook who taught us to value life and good food. And good food always comes with a good extra virgin olive oil.


Agronomic Plan

Currently in Campillo de Júlia olive trees and some persimmons are grown. There are abandoned almond trees, 4 dogs and about 400 sheep that will provide us with manure and help us control the weeds.

We have designed this agronomic plan to be developed over the next 5 years.

During 2020 our tasks are going to focus on “putting in order” what is already planted: the trees need a good pruning, the irrigation hoses need to be checked to avoid leaks, we have to clean the irrigation pond, spread sheep manure and repair the machinery that already exists. We will try to be careful with new investments but the farm is desperately asking for a new tractor and a manure spreader which we will buy when we can.

In 2021 we want to plant the fallow areas with new olive trees of a local variety “Serrana Espadan”. During this year we want to repair a second irrigation pond that has been out of use for many years. We have studied that with this reservoir we could irrigate by gravity and avoid electric pumping.

Between the year 2022 we intend to transform one of the existing agricultural buildings into an oil mill to produce our oil and start making new products such as table olives.

For the next few years we would like to install solar panels on the roof of the oil mill so that 100% of the energy consumed by Campillo de Júlia is renewable.

We can only do this by offering the olive trees for adoption to people who want to receive our extra virgin olive oil. We will launch the olive tree option on this website on March 1, 2020.

Gonzalo Urculo_olive tree

History of Campillo de Julia

Little by little, we are discovering interesting facts about the history of this old farm. Since the 16th century, Campillo de Julia has been home to a monastery, a dairy farm, and an orchard, before becoming the splendid olive grove it is today. We will continue to investigate and tell you everything we discover. 

20200211 Historia de Masia del Campillo

One of the things that have touched us the most is that at present, the very Camino de Santiago passes by the Campillo, on the route that starts from Sagunto. Perhaps with time, we will be able to rehabilitate the stone house and turn it into an inn for pilgrims or Crowdfarmers who want to come and visit us. Buen camino!

Adopt an olivre tree from Campillo de Júlia here.

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