Pictures Campillo de Júlia


The brothers Gabriel (left) and Gonzalo Úrculo (right).


Centenary olive trees that we are going to recover by doing a correct pruning and tilling the land.


From left to right: Gonzalo, Ramón (in charge of the farm), Fidel (shepherd) and Gabriel together with the three dogs that look after the sheep.

Olive trees, then khakis and at the background the Regajo reservoir.

In this picture you can see that some rows of olive trees are not watered well. The water hoses are in very bad condition and this is one of the first things we are going to change.


The persimmon harvest could not be picked last season because it was affected by a hailstorm. So this year the sheep have had a persimmon banquet.

Adopt an olivre tree from Campillo de Júlia here.

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