Citrus season 2020 / 2021

Protocol. This is the word that we have said, written, and read the most to prepare for this very special season of clementines and oranges. We have prepared ourselves to work more as a team than ever before. More coordinated than ever but also more distant than ever.

Agricultural work is a major challenge because it does not support remote working. The best news is that it is outdoors and that in rural areas there is less transmission of the virus.

We know that the key to success in the coming months is to live wisely but without fear. To worry but not to stop.

Preventive measures

  • In the mornings we will go out divided into smaller groups. Disinfection of hands, gloves, and use of masks.
  • We will buy a new van so that we do not all travel in the same vehicle.
  • Unlike other years, there will be no rotation of crews. We will work with the same people throughout the season.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all tools at the end of each shift. Work tools are unique to each worker, not shared.

All these measures ensure that we not only take care of ourselves as a team but also of the people who receive our products. Our products travel from our farm to the consumer’s home. No more hands touching it or waiting on a supermarket shelf for someone to get it.

Logistics costs

Compared to last season, we have increased the prices per kilogram of clementines and oranges by between 6 and 20 cents (0,06€ – 0,2€). With this small increase, we hope to be able to cover the increase in prices that have been passed on to us by the transport companies and the reduction in our productivity due to prevention measures.

Note: if you want to share with us ideas or measures that you think could be useful for our work during this pandemic, please write to us using this link.

Thank you very much and stay safe!

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