Blooming of the orange blossom | Spring 2020

Last summer, when we saw there was almost no honey in the cells of the beehives frames, we started fearing the worst. The amount of orange blossom honey harvest is a good indicator of the quantity of clementines and oranges that we will obtain along the season.

The forecast was accurate and the last season of citrus fruits ended up being a disaster. Compared to the average of the past 10 years, we obtained about 60% less clementines and around 40% less oranges. From the beginning of the season, we were already wishing it to be over and wanting the next one to start.

The first orange blossoms we saw in the trees in the beginning of April filled us with enthusiasm again. Last week, we opened the first beehives to see how the bees were doing. It was as if we were discovering a treasure. Smiling from ear to ear, our satisfaction was whole.

Update to 01.09.2020: The honey harvest was finally very poor. A few showers threw all the flowers on the ground and we had to move the hives quickly to the mountains of Burgos. We were very sad about this, but we can only hope that the next orange blossom season in 2021 will be better.

Thoughts on uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of the most uncomfortable sensations for humans. Not knowing what will happen. Not knowing the real scale of this pandemic. Not knowing the cure. Not knowing if we caught the virus, if we will contaminate or have contaminated others.

Farmers can give a small advice to help coping with the current uncertainty. Even though the gravity of these problems cannot be compared, the best way of fighting the daily uncertainty of a climatic disaster or suffering from a plague is to put forward every possible mean to prevent it. To summarize: “prevention is better than cure”.

We are sending you strength and courage from Valencia. We will keep working in the fields with optimism so that we can send continue sending you our products. Stay safe!

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