How much water do we need to produce 1kg of oranges?

The average water consumption of our adult orange groves is about 3,000 cubic meters per hectare. In our orchard, we produce on average 35,000 kilos of organically cultivated oranges per hectare which would give us about 86 liters per kilo.

To this number we should add the amount of water that the orange tree needed to reach adulthood. We can say that to produce 1kg of oranges 90 liters of water is needed, but keep in mind that with 90 liters of water we are not only producing 1kg of oranges…with this amount we are maintaining a tree and all the auxiliary flora and fauna of our fields.

An example of this can be seen when bees pollinate our orange trees and thanks to the nectar and pollen of the flowers they can produce their honey.

Water consumption crea

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