Zero food waste strategy

Everything we sell we have grown ourselves. And when you grow something you become fond of it. That’s why we try to make sure that all the fruit ends up being used. When we think that one of our fruits is not going to reach its destination (for example, those with some damage on the peel) we use it to make jams and preserves.

Survey products result

After sending out a survey and testing in our kitchen, this is our new action plan.

The Winners: citrus jams and crushed tomato with basil

We already had the feeling that these products were the most popular because they were our best sellers. The survey confirmed it and we were very pleased to read that people find their flavour unique, as it is much more intense than what is generally produced by industrial manufacturers. Its packaging has also been valued with the highest score.

The lowest valued characteristic was the price. Currently we sell the jam at 10€ for a 500gr jar and, 8€ for a 650gr jar of crushed tomato with basil.

The loser: pumpkin purée

We have not been able to make a winning canned product with our pumpkin. It was the lowest rated product in terms of taste, and we received comments that it is too sour. For these reasons we have decided to stop producing it for the time being.

New products

Dried tomato, pesto, and canned olives join the family. Among all the suggestions these three products were the winners and they are also the most feasible for us to produce.

cardmainimagePictureURL-1-tomato el carmen

We have been testing recipes for a year now and with the next tomato harvest in summer we will produce the first batches.

Canned olives are something we have had in mind for a long time. It is the most popular aperitif and we have family recipes that we are going to produce in our new oil mill starting next year (2023).

Not very well known products

It’s probably very tasty, but what do I do with tomato jam? What do you recommend eating it with?

Thanks to this survey we realised that some products, such as tomato jam, are not so typical outside of our borders. Tomato jam is great with cheese or butter on toast.

Dried persimmon is not very well know either. It is a snack that has a texture similar to a prune.

Pricing policy

One of our points to improve, perhaps the most important, is our prices. We cannot offer the same price as a standard industrial company, but we want to offer a price that is affordable for anyone who appreciates handmade products made from organically grown fruit.

Although it is a difficult year, we want to improve our prices because we still haven’t managed to get rid of all the food waste we generate. We are going to improve some of the manufacturing processes so that from next season onwards we will be able to lower prices. We believe that with this improvement we will be able to increase sales and maintain margins thanks to the increase in volume, this way even more of the otherwise wasted fruit can be used to make the jams, thus helping us to further minimise the food waste at our farm as well.

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