The Colour of Clementines

Whether orange, yellow or with green peel, we love our Clementines and want to share with you why color isn’t really that important.


When we think of clementines, we often imagine bright orange fruits in our minds, and in the supermarket we usually choose the first fruits with flawless orange skin. But what if we told you that, especially at the beginning, orange Clementines don’t necessarily taste better?

Clementine’s world is much more diverse than what it seems at first sight. In this blog post, we will explore green Clementines deeper, but what follows is also applicable to other citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges.

Why are some Clementines green?

The green color of the peel doesn’t mean the Clementine is unripe. In fact, Clementines can reach the perfect stage of ripeness while they are still green. The question of ripeness depends on various factors, including the variety, weather, and time of harvest. Green Clementines often have a slightly firmer texture but are by no means less sweet or juicy.

The Color Change: Why do Clementines turn orange?

The skin of our clementines changes from green to orange over time. This color change occurs when it gets colder outside. Lower nighttime temperatures lead to a decrease in chlorophyll in the peel and the increased visibility of yellow-orange carotenoids. The first variety of our Clementines is ripe by mid-October, but in recent years, the temperatures have been too high at that time for them to undergo their color change.

Ethylene also causes the chlorophyll to break down, which makes the carotenoids more visible. However, in organic farming we do not use ripening gases for post-treatment, which is why you can find green fruit in our boxes.


Fun Fact: In tropical countries where it is warmer all year, the color of citrus fruit does not really change, and they remain greenish.

In conclusion, we want to emphasize that even if our Clementines are still rather greenish, they are already delicious and enjoyable. Especially at the beginning of the harvest, you may find a few more greenish fruits in your freshly harvested crate.

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