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An important part of Naranjas del Carmen are our tree adoptions. You have the opportunity to adopt a tree at our fields and eagerly anticipate each upcoming harvest with us. After the adoption, we select a tree and put a nametag on it. Annually, we upload a photo of this little tree to your user account. So, under “MY GARDEN,” you can always see the current image of your tree once the initial steps are completed.

Our wonderful photo team consists of Nuria and Christina. Together, they ensure you receive an image of your adoption. Depending on the timing, it might take a bit longer before you see the first picture of your tree. By “longer,” we mean potentially weeks or even months. Let’s take a closer look at this process:

  1. A little tree gets adopted. We’re excited about a new tree adoption, and the person is thrilled about the upcoming harvest.
  2. As we have several hectares of fields and thousands of little trees, we collect all newly received tree adoptions.
  3. Once we have enough adoptions, we have metal tags pressed.
  4. We attach the metal tag and record the exact location of the tree. This allocation is a crucial step to later identify the adopted tree and find it in the fields.
  5. Finally, the first photo is taken and updated annually from that moment on. This process takes months because each tree is individually photographed.

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You don’t see the nameplate on the photo in your user account?

That’s because the metal tag is relatively small. It’s attached to a branch and often covered by a bunch of leaves, fruits, and beautiful nature. In the case of young cuttings, the tag frequently slips down to the ground and is later fastened to a branch once the tree is big enough.

We hope that with this blog post, we can give you a glimpse and make the process easier to understand. Ultimately, we want to provide you with a picture of your adopted tree as quickly as possible while carefully carrying out the process.

In this short video, you’ll get to know our fantastic photo duo.

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