Crowdfarming® : The baptism of the orange trees

Thanks to Crowdfarming® our customers and friends can plant their own tree on our plantation. Moreover, we give them the opportunity to chose a name for it. As soon as the orange tree is planted on our finca, we produce wooden name plaques. After the names have been engraved on the plaques, we vanish, photograph and eventually attach them to the tree. The photographs that we make will then be added to the garden of every customer.

In the following video you can watch how we produce and prepare the name plaques to enable you to see the evolution of your personal tree in your garden. Please note that from 2017 onwards the name will be engraved on a metalic name plaque.

Click here, if you want to plant your tree as well, watch it grow and enjoy your fresh and delicious oranges and clementines year by year.

Do you want to know more about Crowdfarming®? Here you’ll find more information.

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