The orange anatomy!

How many times have you cut into an orange? Probably more times than you can count! However, have you ever examined it more closely? We will dissect one of our oranges with the precision of a surgeon, and we will explain in detail all parts of an orange.

The first thing you see when holding an orange is the exocarp. This word comes from the Greek exo (outside) and karpos (fruit). The exocarp basically is the orange zest. It contains tiny vesicles that are virtually imperceptible, which contain aromatic oils responsible for the typical smell of oranges.

Once we open the orange we see a white layer, this layer is called mesocarp and is rich in pectin.

The endocarp is the most appreciated part of the orange, commonly known as pulp. It is also rich in pectin, but contains plenty of fiber. Finally, we can find in the endocarp of some varieties seeds, which produce a rich and yellow oil emitting healthy acid.

Orange anatomy

Orange anatomy

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