The future of sustainable farming – an the role we play in it

Sustainability is certainly one of the most controversial topics. Despite its importance for the agriculture and our planet in general, there is still no uniform understanding of it and its usefulnes is widely discussed. That is why it is not. Being sustainable farmers ourselves, we thought it was therefore appropriate to explain our view on what we believe is the best  action plan.


We at Naranjas del Carmen believe that there is space for both large and small farms. We strongly believe that the future of sustainable farming does not depend on the size of a piece of land. However, it is about keeping the promise to protect the ground which produces the food we eat, to respect the people who give their best every day to fulfill this promise, and to protect the community in which we ALL live in.

We want to be an example to other farmers and prove that it is possible as a small scale company to meet the needs of the 21st century without the need to exploit the land.

At Naranjas del Carmen we continuously take into account the following factors:

  •  Take care of our earth – we only have one!
  • Apply natural farming techniques to grow delicious products without harming the ground and the oranges themselves
  • Apply advanced technology to improve our efficiency when growing the crops, as well as to ensure that valuable resources such has water are not wasted.
  • Strong relationships to our customers: As a small company, the relationships we form with our clients are valuable and we do everything we can to develop trust, loyalty and offer high quality and an honest and friendly service. We make sure that each and every order is delivered safely to their homes for them to enjoy!
  • Transparency and traceability: By using no third parties or intermediaries, our customers can get to know us first hand and understand exactly how we work. They help us to improve, develop further and offer top quality products.
  • Strong relationships with our employees: Our team is the pillar Naranajas del Carmen is based upon. Each member is highly valued and appreciated. Motivating, rewarding and taking care of them is what makes our team work as hard as they do to produce the best oranges of the world.
  • Strong relationships with partner companies: Forming strong, loyal, long lasting partnerships is very important to us. We have teamed up with the Valencian based company, Más que tartas y Cookies, who help us to produce our delivious marmalade. It is crucuial for us to support other local companies and work with them so that both companies, can benefit, develop and grow.
  • Support the community: “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” For us it is very important that we do our bit to improve our community. It is no secret that Spain is still suffering from high unemployment rates, with many people living in poverty. As four young siblings ourselves, we want other people to live in security and happiness. We are currently collaborating with the Prodis Foundation, an excellent social enterprise whose aim is to offer employment to people with disabilities as well as creating indirect and direct jobs within the community.

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