The new supply chain of Crowdfarming®

“we are living the final days of the traditional supply chain as we know it”

100.000.000 tons of food…

are wasted within Europe every year! That’s more than one third of the total production and must be stopped! To disrupt this intolerable amount of food waste, we started our agricultural revolution. With this approach, we are living the final days of the traditional supply chain as we know it. So welcome to the food revolution. Welcome to the Crowdfarming®.


Find out what makes our agricultural revolution so much different from the traditional farming – and join our movement to stop food waste. In the following lines you will learn how Crowdfarming® works and what exactly happens between your order and the final arrival of our products at your doorstep.

How exactly does CROWDFARMING work ?

We will demonstrate our approach with the example of planting a tree. If you want to find out more about the Crowdfarming® with beehives, click here.

Step 1 : #plant1tree


  1. Its first year, your tree will live in a nursery. During this time the farm workers will prepare the fields. As soon as it is strong enough the tree will be planted and the name plaque attached.
  2. After its plantation, Ana and the team of farm workers maintain the young tree. They water the trees and manually trim the branches every year, in order to allow the new, young and healthy branches to sprout and grow.
  3. The oranges are ripening in their natural environment and are completely untreated. Naranjas del Carmen never applies pesticides, herbicides or wax to the trees, the used cultivation techniques are all ecological and as natural as possible. The company’s philosophy is to uphold the beneficial symbiotic relationships between pests and their predators by controlling the growth of the herbs and plants that grow naturally on the land.

During the first years, until the planted tree starts producing fruits, Naranjas del Carmen reserves oranges of one of the grown trees for the customer. Like this, the customer can enjoy his or her oranges right from the beginning.

Step 2 : order of oranges


  1. The fruits hang on the tree in their natural environment up to the date of the customer’s order. On the same day the oranges are being shipped, the team hand-picks the oranges, as the tree is still too young to produce fruits, from another grown up tree. In contrast to the conventional trade the oranges are picked when they are already ripe. Therefore they do not need to after-ripe.
  2. Because of this the oranges do not need to be stored. That is why Naranjas del Carmen can immediately pack and ship them to the customer’s preferred address the same day they have been picked.
  3. The freshly picked fruits are shipped on the direct way to the chosen address without engaging intermediaries. They arrive at the customer’s doorstep just a few days after he placed his order. Thus the customers can hold their very personal oranges in hands very soon after their harvest and enjoy the natural and delicious taste of the Naranjas del Carmen.

As the previous lines demonstrate, you can take an active part in stopping food waste by planting a tree with us or adopting a beehive. With our revolutionary approach of farming we only produce the amount of food which is ordered by the customer and thanks to the direct distribution of our products we even reduce CO2 emissions.

Here you can plant a tree.

Here you can adopt a beehive.

Here you can find out more about Crowdfarming®.

Remeber to #beehappy!

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