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Behind our mask, there is a smile. The family of Naranjas del Carmen has proposed to promote during this time, three values in our personalities.

  1. Solidarity, that makes us care as much about those around us as about or presis (our customers). To be supportive is to take all hygiene measures with others in mind. To be supportive is to have good gestures and make the best of our character to continue maintaining a magnificent environment.
  2. Commitment, which encourages us to come to work, to take care of the trees, and to continue sending our olive oil, honey, jams and preserves. That the orders come out on time, with the maximum quality and health guarantee has always been in our DNA but these days, we wanted to go a step further.
  3. Optimism. We know that catastrophism and selfishness can be our greatest enemies during this time and the best weapon to fight them is to be optimistic. Let us not fall into the misfortune of thinking that optimism is born and not made. Being optimistic is something that is within everyone’s reach. At times likes these, it requires effort but we must practice it everyday. Living the present and looking to the future with optimism is essential.



We are still operating as normal. You can see in this link all the seasonal products that we continue sending to your home.

How to receive our products?

Three recommendations when you receive your order at home:

  • Avoid signing with your finger on the carrier’s tablet. You can use another object.
  • Ask the carrier not to hand over the package but to leave it on the ground instead.
  • Be affectionate with your gestures and words. Avoiding physical contact doesn’t mean you can’t be kind – lets always thank the people who deliver our packages!


According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)  there is currently no evidence that food is a source or route of transmission of COVID-19.

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