Agriculture as essential activity

“What drives us to leave the house and harvest the fruit is knowing that our customers are awaiting them now more than ever.”


March 2020 will not be easy to erase from our memory. It was the month when Europe was locked in its homes to protect itself from an invisible enemy that has shaken our social welfare.

We farmers have had the luck or the moral obligation, depending on how you look at it, to be able to keep working so as not to break the food supply chain. Once again, my brother and I have been able to see the team of brave people around us. The whole team, which we like to call “family”, has responded to this situation with enormous commitment and courage.

My brother Gabriel immediately designed a protocol so that we could all work with guarantees. Some of the measures we have taken are:

  • Remote work for people who do all their work in front of a computer
  • Working with gloves and masks
  • Dispensers with hand sanitizer in almost every corner
  • Renting a van so that there was only one person in each row
  • Redesign the space where we prepare orders so that there is a distance of at least 1.5 meters between us

One activity that we have had to limit temporarily has been the visits to the farm. It is something that saddens us a lot and we hope that soon we can open our doors again to all the people who have an adopted tree with us.

We will continue working so that now, more than ever, we can continue sending our vitamin C in the form of clementines and oranges to all the homes in Europe.

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