Analysis of the EVOO of Campillo de Julia, Harvest 2022

Miguel Abad, olive oil technician and person responsible for EVOO at Campillo de Julia, has written this report on the sensory and polyphenol analysis of this year’s EVOO.


Technical information

  • Yield: sms (49,88±5,05)%.
  • Laboratory extractability: 0.70
  • Industrial extractability: 0,84
  • Rancimat stability (120ºC): Average 14,21h
  • Mean polyphenols (ppm caffeic acid): Average 422mg/l
  • Oleic acid (%): Average 70,18%

Organoleptic description:

This year the production of the olive trees on the fields of Campillo de Julia has been extremely low due to climatic conditions. As there were few fruits growing, the olive trees have produced larger olives and therefore the oils are fruitier and have a better aromatic structure. It is a green fruity EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) with medium-high intensity, with notes of apple, almond and other ripe fruits, banana and pear.

Oliven CDJ

Analisis AOVE ENIn the mouth, the oil is sweet at first and then develops its slight spiciness and bitterness. This is due to the content of polyphenols and tocopherols, as we reduced the water supply during the months of August and September. This led to an increase in these phenolic compounds, which are also highly valued in almonds, tender nuts as well as green bananas.

It is classified by the tasting panel as a Mild Green Fruity EVOO, which harmonises with all types of foods, mainly fruit, vegetables, desserts, white meats and fish.

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