Logbook – December 2022

The last month of the year. It is time to review the evolution of our crops.

Crops that had difficulties this year: olive trees, persimmons and honey. 

The repilo is a fungus that spreads with humidity and defoliates the leaves. In April, it rained for 15 days in a row and it was a disaster. The trees have now regained their leaves but much of the crop was lost.

The extreme heat of the summer affected the flowering of the persimmon and dried out the flowers in the fields. The bees were starved and greatly reduced their population to match the food available.


Crops that did well: clementines, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and tomatoes. 

Clementines and oranges had a good year, although it is true that due to the heat, their size is generally smaller than in other years.

As last year we had almost no grapefruit harvest, the trees were able to rest and this year they are giving us a very good crop that we will start harvesting from January.

New products: Oil bottle set, tomato pesto and almonds.At the beginning of the year we bought a small field of almonds from a farmer who wanted to retire. This year the harvest has turned out to be very small. We will soon sell the first almonds from our harvest.

We designed the oil bottle set because for many years you told us that serving our EVO was complicated. We thank you all for your patience and we hope that this oil bottle set will help you better appreciate our extra virgin olive oil.

And finally a big surprise: our sun-dried tomato pesto. In our summer survey, many of you recommended us to try this product. We are very proud of the taste we obtained.

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