Correct use of the oil bottle set

I am Miguel Abad; olive oil technician and person responsible for AOVE at Campillo de Julia. I would like to explain how to use your olive oil set in the best way.

Kit aceite NDC (1)Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pure olive juice that is affected by the incidence of light, oxygen, and heat, each of which can cause a change in its aromas and flavours.

The oil dispenser you have received allows you to enjoy the olive oil more comfortably on a daily basis and here are some tips for its correct use:

First: pour only the amount that you are likely to consume during the next 15 days into the bottle, and make sure that the oil is not exposed to direct sunlight for most of the time. Sunlight oxidises our EVOO, affecting its flavour. EVOO should be stored for longer periods of time in the opaque tin. We have made the oil bottle out of transparent glass for you to be able to enjoy its colour.

Second: do not refill the bottle until it has been completely emptied. It is advisable to wash it periodically to remove any traces of EVOO that may be stuck to the inside walls.

Third: how to wash it? Fill it a third full of water and add two drops of a biodegradable organic degreaser. Cover the spout with your hand and shake the bottle vigorously. Let it dry upside down and when it is dry you can use it again. This way you can enjoy the aromas and flavours of our EVOO to the full.

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