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Tangerines vs. Clementines

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Clementine and a Tangerine? Let's start with a commonality. Both Clementines and Tangerine trees belong to the botanical family Rutaceae. Therefore, the fruits grow on ... Continue reading

Ripening process of fruits

Not all fruits are created equal when it comes to their ripening process. Two distinct categories of fruit stand out: climacteric and non-climacteric.  What is a climacteric fruit? Climacteric fruits are those that continue to ... Continue reading

The Colour of Clementines

Whether orange, yellow or with green peel, we love our Clementines and want to share with you why color isn't really that important. When we think of clementines, we often imagine bright orange fruits in our minds, and in the ... Continue reading

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive and systematic approach to pest control aimed at minimizing the effects of insects and maximizing economic, ecological, and social benefits. It consists of three main components: ... Continue reading

Agriculture 3.0

The agricultural sector suffers up until today from lagging integration of new technologies. It remains a sector with a predominantly manual (yet it's becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive) and poorly traceable approach.  To ... Continue reading

The Age in the Agricultural Sector: Testimony of Our Young Volunteers

Today, we would like to address a crucial topic that affects the agricultural sector: the aging of the profession. Agriculture, a fundamental pillar of our societies for millennia, is facing significant challenges related to the age ... Continue reading

“Acequias”, traditional watering system

In the arid regions of Spain, where water is scarce and agriculture thrives, a remarkable irrigation system known as "acequias" has played a vital role for centuries. These ancient channels have proven to be an ingenious solution for ... Continue reading

The use of biodiversity islands in agriculture

Sustainable agriculture has become a major concern in the current context of increasing environmental pressures, demographic growth and climate change. Traditional agricultural methods have often resulted in decreased biodiversity, ... Continue reading

Regenerative Manifesto

This manifesto has been written by the Masia el Carmen team to serve as a guide when defining the agricultural plans for our farms: El Carmen, Campillo de Julia and Verger de Alicia. As farmers, it is of vital importance we become ... Continue reading

Harvest of orange blossom honey 2023

The presence of the bees is part of our farming philosophy. Those who have visited us know how their buzzing accompanies our fields. And it is the adoption of beehives that allows us to increase their population and take care of ... Continue reading