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Which eco-label do our products have?

The only eco-label that brings all our quality standards together is our own brand. In other words, the label that really differentiates us is the one of Naranjas del Carmen®. What exactly does it stand for? We cultivate ... Continue reading

The Masia el Carmen – Cradle of Crowdfarming®

Between orange trees and fields you can find the former home of the art lover and director of the Valencian Museum of Fine Arts, González Martí, the Masia el Carmen. He was the one building, decorating and shaping this beautiful ... Continue reading

The Calendar of Naranjas del Carmen

January until April Harvest season of our oranges and seasonal vegetables such as artichokes. Our few lemon and grapefruit trees carry fruits as well. April until May We place our beehives in the middle of the orange trees. They ... Continue reading

Crowdfarming® – A Revolution to Fight Food Waste

[embed][/embed] How was Crowdfarming® born? When Gabriel and Gonzalo Úrculo decided to continue to run the orange plantation of their grandfather and to dedicate their life to agriculture, they were ... Continue reading

Our Oranges

What are the advantages of freshly picked oranges directly from the tree? + You know exactly, where they are from: The oranges come from our family’s orchard in Valencia. + You know exactly, how they were grown: Our cultivation ... Continue reading

The installation of the anti-frost-protection

We have benefitted from the rainy days in Valencia to prepare our fields for the upcoming winter. Including in Valencia, the winter nights can become quite frosty sometimes. In order to prevent our oranges from freezing and bursting, ... Continue reading

The Clementines of Naranjas del Carmen – What our Customers and Friends say

Just recently, the clementine season has started and the postive feedback we have received already, is overwhelming. Crowdfarming® establishes a direct relationship between us, the farmers, and the orange tree owners. For us, it ... Continue reading

It rains in Valencia We always say that we cultivate our fruits with a lot of patience. However, that is not the whole story: we also have to be very patient when it comes to their harvest.  We need to ... Continue reading

The costs of Crowdfarming®

Initial Payment: With the initial payment we plant your tree and reserve fruits of our already grown trees for you. In doing so, you can consume your oranges right from the beginning. The first year, your tree will live in a nursery ... Continue reading

A guided tour through your garden

Have you already planted a tree or adopted a bee family? Then you have automatically access to your garden. To make it as easy as possible for you to get used to your garden, we have provided a small tour for you. Hence, you know ... Continue reading